Data crunching? New robotics applications?
Uncovering industrial IoT through AI, AR and VR?

Winter Semester 2018/2019: October 17, 2018 - January 29, 2019

The course is booked out. Next course is scheduled for Summer Semester 2019 with new challenges. Stay tuned!

Why This Course Is Super Cool?

Create, prototype and test your working solution with actual stakeholders. Utilize proprietary resources (data, software, hackable hardware, options for immersion into current operational context for needs exploration, etc.) of the partner companies, MakerSpace, and UnternehmerTUM. Pitch feasible and holistic solutions for existing customer needs. Enjoy an individualized learning process suited to your team-specific needs provided by experienced entrepreneurs and founders on business design, tech development, team development, and methodology for project development.

Key Aspects

Target Group

Students of all programs and all semesters


Free for all participants. In addition, teams get budget and latest tech for prototyping

More Benefits

  • Free access to MakerSpace and machine courses
  • The Course is in English, up to 6 ECTS (faculty-dependent!)
  • Best teams get awards from partner companies



October 17th - 22nd


  • Teambuilding Workshop (October 17) - Meet new techTALENTS students, exchange ideas about how to takle the challenges, and build up your super team
  • Pitch Night (October 17) - After teambuilding, get inspired by techTALENTS Alumni and learn what they came up with last semester
  • Tech Challenge Kick Off (October 22) - "Challenge Fair" with food and drinks
  • ...

    October 23rd - 28th

  • Challenge Deep Dive Workshops - Meet Challenge Owners in person to get a deeper insight into the challenges
  • Ideation Workshop (October 25) - Facilitate team formation around your idea
  • Deadline for Team & Idea Registration: October 28, 12:00
  • ...

    October 29th - December 9th


  • Research and Empathic Exploration Workshop (October 31) - Boost your project's research phase
  • Framing and Ideation Workshop (November 20) - Push forward your project's "framing & ideation" phase
  • Prototype/Test/Iterate Workshop (November 29) - Get feedback on your current status to boost your project's next phase
  • ...

    December 10th - 21st


  • Midterm Checkin Preparation (December 10) - Prepare for your Midterm Checkin and run the presentation closed-door first
  • Partner Midterm Checkins (December 17-21) - Present interim status to respective Challenge Owner and get their feedback
  • ...

    December 22nd - January 28th


  • Presentation Training (January 18) - train your pitch and boost your presentation skills
  • Demo Day Preparation (January 21) - prepare for your Midterm Checkin and run the presentation closed-door first
  • Coaching sessions per team for ideation, tech, business and team development
  • Finalizing deliverables
  • ...

    January 29th


    Showcase final concept with prototype, teaser video, and business plan

    Current Corporate Partners

    Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices. With integrated solutions across four key domains – telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services – Huawei is committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.
    As part of this mission, their Consumer Business Group has a state-of-the-art lineup of smart devices, including the latest P20 smartphone. Its Kirin processor features Huawei's Neural Processing Unit (NPU), specifically designed to execute complex AI models right on the phone. What will you build with such a powerful tool?

    Agricultural Trade 4.0 - Agrando is a B2B platform for farmers, suppliers and producers that digitizes the trade of agricultural inputs. It serves all participants involved in the agri-trade as a tool for communication and information procurement as well as processing and administration of transactions.
    Their vision is a borderless network of farmers and retailers - no matter what size or region - who work together to overcome current and future challenges of digitization. Can you design the next innovation to help Agrando bring this vision to life?

    Did you know that reINVENT is the #1 software for construction projects, digitizing the building industry. With its 15 interconnected software features, reINVENT connects all stakeholders during the whole construction and liability phase in one centralized platform, significantly reducing both cost and time for builders and property developers.
    Can you help reINVENT to continue to deliver value to its stakeholders even after the construction phase is over?

    Did you know that MakerSpace, the high-tech prototyping workshop as grounds to home-made tech from TUM such as the WARR Hyperloop and ProGlove, already boasts 1000 members? This means that the maker's paradise frequently hosts members who use various machines, appliances, hand tools and materials over a 1500 m2 workshop space.
    Can you help MakerSpace to become more efficient and valuable to its members?

    Past Corporate Partners

    Supported by


    Michael Ohr

    Michael Ohr is the program director of Tech Challenge and a lecturer at UnternehmerTUM since 2014. He is the co-founder of ZebraMobil, the first innovative carsharing provider in Germany. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a diploma in Industrial Engineering & Management of Karlsruhe University (KIT).

    Anastasia Myasnichenko

    Anastasia is pursuing a degree in Management and Technology at TUM. She also supports Tech Education at UnternehemerTUM as a team support expert and coordinator of several techTALENTS courses. She holds a diploma in Psychology and has experience in coaching, team management and sales.

    Duc Huy Dinh Le

    Duc Huy Dinh Le is currently studying Information Systems at the TUM and participates in multiple UnternehmerTUM formats. He supports the Entrepreneurship Education department at UnternehmerTUM with his knowledge, management and skills in photography.

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